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Haya Alkharafi is a fashion designer, businesswoman and founder of fashion brand Aljawhara and ready-to-wear fashion line, HAYA ALKHARAFI. In 2012, Haya founded Aljawhara, a fashion design house renowned for its unique hand-crafted kaftans and Arabesque-inspired evening dresses.

Inspired by her travels all over the world, Haya prides herself on her eye for unique textures and novel patterns. From Sri Lanka to Indonesia, Korea to New York, the fashion designer immerses herself in different communities to learn as much about the local culture as possible, picking up bits and pieces of inspiration everywhere she goes. Throughout the design process, Haya ensures she incorporates a feminine, Arab touch, sometimes to complement, and at other times to be in stark contrast with, the signature style she is known for — one that truly celebrates the beauty of the female figure.

If there is one thing Haya Alkharafi prides herself on, it is this: coming back from her travels itching to create exclusive, handcrafted designs unlike anything she has seen before, while maintaining her signature touch.

Today, Haya Alkharafi’s designs is enjoyed by fashion lovers all over the Middle East and expanding internationally.

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